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About Us

Black Talents is a not-for-profit youth organization founded in year 2018 with a sole vision to inspire and build Black African, Caribbean, North American and multi-racial youth who  identify with their Black ancestry between the ages of 13-23 years for career success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build and develop talented and successful Black Leaders for North America.

Our Values

Inspired for greater success


Hard work

A heart for People

Why Get Involved?

There is great under-representation and underemployment of Blacks in the workforce

The relative absence of Blacks and Black culture in school curricula in a positive manner

The high rate of unemployment among Black youth and the high level of poverty in the Black population serve to make them vulnerable to low self-esteem and other mental health issues

Black youth continue to be disproportionately streamed into lower education tracks as a result of both individual prejudice and systemic factors. Racial stereotypes held by teachers play a significant role in the streaming of Black students.

Many Black students receive inadequate advice on their academic choices and pathways, and by no means are encouraged to realize their full potential.

(F.A.C.E.S. of Peel Collaborative, 2015)

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Programs We Offer

At Black Talents we have a varied number of engaging programs designed for black youth with an optimal balance between hardwork and fun.

Youth Mentorship Programs

One-on-one mentoring
Group coaching

Youth Events

Leadership Series
Community Engagement

Career - Focused Workshops

Resume Writing
Effective Communication
Team Work Skills
Job Search Strategy
Job Interviewing skills
Winning at work

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned on our upcoming events and workshops. If you are between the ages of 13 to 23  and looking to get inspired for your career success or just want to get to know like-minded young people, this is for you. Don't miss out!

Our Team

Led by talented and passionate young leaders within the community with various expertise in human resources, business administration, finance, social work, software development and more.

Franklina Tawiah

Founder & Executive Director

Chantal Williams

Community Relations Manager

Sarah Rowe

Community Liaison & Programs Manager

Dami Osoba

Creative Director

"Black Talents was created to encourage Black youth to come together in a safe space where they can truly express themselves, share stories, learn, and get inspired by Black leaders that have once lived their current stories but overcame the hardships they faced in order to be successful in their careers today"

-Franklina Tawiah, Founder

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